Sunday, April 10, 2011

iii Rivering !!!


     Today my room mates Rachel and Alexa and I went down to the river, since today has been the nicest day in like, forever. I LOVE water. I live like 7 miles away from the Lake and we go there all the time during the summer. Gosh, I LOVE the summer time. I love how it's always so beautiful out and there's something about it that just makes you want to go out and take chances and go for everything. There's something so, full of life and just fearless about summer. Anyways, I love going to the lake, it's filled with so many of the best memories. 
   So we went down to the river in our skirts (well, me and Rachel) and hiked them up like little kids. It was really fun and just relaxing I guess. Nature is so beautiful and through out the week there are so many things to do I feel like we never get time to enjoy it. Anyways, highlights include---but are not limited to---screaming like little girls because the water was freezing and the current was sweeping us away...almost lol and there were people there to awkwardly witness it. We went to the part where the rapids were really big and strong and cool looking and Alexa half fell on me and I almost fell into a cascading river of death and my sunglasses fell off and I tried to reach them by awkwardly climbing around this tree, ... but I failed and Rachel had to go on the shore and get them. There were also more people to awkwardly witness such. Then we went to the part of the shore that used to be, well, shore but is now part of the river bed and tried to walk on it... it was sining mud... Alexa and Rachel got stuck lol. So I climbed up this big wall thingish thing and tried to get to them another way, but by the time I got up there, they had rescued themselves. 
feet .jpg
Look at these hot Momma feet !!!!

muddddddddy Lexi.jpg
^ Lexi almost knee deep in sinking mud! O.o

           Other highlights included finding these beautiful baby 'river shells' in the shallow water. ( You can see these at the top of the post). And just being with most of my roomies :D they're wonderful and beautiful girls and I have no idea what I would do without them.
P.S. Rachel and I have decided to go on a double date (with boys, not each other lolz) and buy some of those dollar pink and green blow up intertubes and go play in the rapids and have a picnic! I'll keep you updated, it's gonna be sooo fly, like a G-6!

Saturday, April 9, 2011



                     I've been thinking a lot lately, about what love really is, or what it means to really love something, or someone. Some people think it's that mad crazy rush of butterflies when he smiles at you. Or that pounding of thoughts in your head that makes it so you can't concentrate in class or sleep at night. But I'm not so sure that's really what love is. Sure, I think sometimes love can make you feel that way, but love isn't that crazy part. It's that small simple tug in your heart, that little flicker that let's you know it's right, it's something good. When you have a completely selfless and genuine care for something or someone, that makes you want to be better. Love is so simple, and I feel that sometimes we don't see it because we're looking for this grandiose firework of obviousness. But love is so simple, and it's the simplest things that are often the hardest to understand. I'm not claiming to know exactly what love is, but like I said, it's just something I've really been thinking about. And not just like, 'let's get married love' but just love of people in general. Or love of good things, like music <3. Love can do amazing things, it's so powerful. I don't think we realize, how powerful. Like I've said earlier, I don't claim to fully comprehend love, but Imagine the things we could do in this world, if we really tried to do that, just simply listen, not judge, and try to understand. Maybe that's what love is, or rather, one way to show it...

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Winter In My Heart

So, my room mate Alexa is super cool, and we always listen to everything she says. lol So,from her example, Rachel and I decided/consented to create blogs of our own. But of course, on the spot I can't think of a single thing to blog about, (although, sometimes I feel like I never run out of things to talk about, ha ha). So for lack of a thing to blog about, and since my evening was filled with lots of singing, I decided to look through my notebooks at some songs I wrote a while ago. So TADA, here it is, It's one that's kind of random, and only I know what a lot of it means, but I kind of like it, I mean, I wrote it, I would hope I liked it. lol Well, off we go, I wrote this song like two years ago. It's so crazy to look back and see how much has changed between now and then.
         Winter In My Heart
If my world were to fall and crash and burn today,
I'd smile up at the sky and then I'd thank God, when you walk my way
I love you
Don't leave me
More "goodbye"s, I just cannot take
I miss your eyes
Your sweet smile
I'm sorry, Can't find the can't find the courage to say:
"You're on my mind, both day and night"
So scared if I speak, then you will turn and run and fly...away
You've really touched my life,
Came and opened up my mind,
I found things I never thought I could do on my own
How can I tell you my choice is made?
Do you see that I'm so afraid?
I'm so scared just to look you straight in the eye
So I fall down on my knees,
I pray for your safe return to me.
Is this what's in your head? In your heart? In your hands? Is it?
Is this what's in your head? In your heart? In your hands? In mine...
Well, am I just wasting my time?
Will you become just another rhyme, just another boy, just another line in a song?
It may have been long ago,
And my heart you still hold on to,
And you have no idea how true, the words, that you said, to me, could possibly be...
If my world were to fall and crash and burn today,
I'd smile up at the sky and thank my Father, that I'm okay, and I
Will be strong,  and I
Will hold on, and I
Will believe, there's a time,
For you and me
So I will wait for you
I'm holding on to what I know is true...
And I know it'